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What is Levitra?

Levitra (vardenafil) is a medicine intended for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction. Such patients require this kind of treatment because of their inability to get and keep an erection for long enough to have sex. In their case, taking these pills may be the only way they can continue with their healthy sex life. These days, many people prefer to buy vardenafil at an online pharmacy. When buying drugs online, you can indeed get to pay less money for the treatment and get your drug within a short period, as opposed to going to your doctor and getting a prescription first. It may be a good idea to buy medication online because getting ED pills from an online pharmacy means you will not need a prescription and will be paying less. This is some of the many reasons so many people opt for getting their drugs over the Internet. However, to make sure you are safe when you buy drugs from an online pharmacy, you will have to place an order with a license one, which means you can trust that pharmacy and will be able to come back there to purchase the required amount of pills any time you feel like it. When you get generic pills at an online pharmacy, you can be sure the quality is just the same, because generic medications contain the same active ingredients.

How does it work?

The drug relaxes the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies and arterioles. Vardenafil overlaps a special phosphodiesterase of the 5th species, which increases the process of igneous nitric oxide, which is accentuated during the period of sexual stimulation from the nerve endings of the corpus cavernosum and promotes the growth of blood flow to the sexual organ.

How to take Levitra?

The drug is taken orally, regardless of food intake. You will typically be supposed to take the drug as needed, an hour before having sex. Some patients using these pills can feel its effects after just 45 minutes of use, but it’s quite individual for every patient and will have to be determined based on your own reactions. The initial dosage of 10 mg. If necessary, the dose can be reduced to 5 mg or increased to 20 mg.

To achieve the maximum effect, the patient must receive an adequate level of sexual stimulation.

Side effects

This drug is usually well tolerated. Side effects are usually mild or moderate.

  • Common side effects include migraine, facial erythema, dyspepsia, nausea, dizziness, runny nose;
  • Rare side effects include edema of the face, photosensitization, low back pain, hypertension, increased creatine kinase, myalgia, lethargy, dyspnea, blurred vision, watery eyes, priapism, anaphylactic interactions (including laryngeal swelling), angina pectoris, hypotension, myocardial ischemia, postural hypotension, syncopal states, increased muscle tone, nasal bleeding, buphthalmos.

Safety precautions

When buying generic Levitra online, you will have to know the exact dose of this medicine you are supposed to be taking. The dose may be different for different patients, which is why you may need to consult your doctor. Another thing to be taken into account is the presence of such medical conditions as bleeding disorder, eye disorder, low blood pressure, stomach ulcer, physical deformity of the penis, seizures, heart rhythm problems, a history of heart attack or stroke, recent history of congestive heart failure, vision problems, blood cell disorder, kidney disease, liver disease or heart disease. Do not use vardenafil medication if you are taking nitrate drugs, and the fact you are using imatinib, HIV/AIDS medicine, isoniazid, high blood pressure medicine, heart or blood pressure medications, conivaptan, prostate disorder drugs, antifungals, antibiotics, antidepressants or heart rhythm medicine will need to be reported before you combine them with your erectile dysfunction treatment. The drug is contraindicated for use in women.

Important recommendations

When you buy Levitra online, you must be sure this is exactly the medicine you need. Some patients may have to be using a lower dose because of the medical conditions they have, while others will have to be careful with other drugs that you are using. You will need to let your doctor know if you drink grapefruit juice regularly because this kind of juice and any products that may contain it aren’t supposed to be combined with vardenafil. This has to do with the fact that this medication can be affected by grapefruit juice and its efficiency may be lower.