Why Are ED Drugs So Expensive?

Today, men often face the problem of sexual weakness. This negatively affects their emotional and, of course, physical health. Fortunately, today there are ED drugs that can solve the delicate problem and return sexual power to men. One of the most common ED drugs to increase male potency is Viagra. However, the price of this drug is very high and not every man can afford to buy Viagra.

Why Are ED Drugs So Expensive_

Viagra is one of the few medicines, the annual turnover from the sale of which exceeds the billionth mark. In 2007, the turnover from the sale of this drug was 1.1 billion euros.

According to official data, since the creation of Viagra, about 35 million men in 120 countries have regained potency after using this medication. However, experts believe that the real numbers are much higher because these statistics do not take into account the sale of the drug on the black market.

So, in the 90s, a group of scientists working in the American company Pfizer conducted research to develop a drug for chest pain in angina, but they discovered that the active substance sildenafil does not cure chest pain. The men involved in the experiment were more than satisfied – a side effect that delighted men was a better erection. The subjects did not want to return the “useless” drug and even tried to steal it from the laboratory.

Viagra got its name from the fusion of the words “Vigor”, meaning “power”, and Niagara, the most powerful waterfall in North America. This drug has become the long-awaited solution to the most important problem of the male population. Scientists even received the Nobel Prize in 1988.

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The company conducted twenty-one clinical trials of a new drug, during which the drug was tested by four and a half thousand men with impaired erections. The total cost of research was estimated at $500 million. So, Viagra is so expensive because the manufacturer spent huge money on the drug trial and advertising, and the demand for erectile dysfunction drugs is huge.

But do not get upset, because now you can buy generic Viagra”, the effect of which does not differ from the original. The only difference is the price, it is much lower.

Today, everyone has a choice – to buy expensive original ED drugs to increase potency or their generic analogs, which cost several times less. Using these drugs, many men will be able to return to normal life and have good sex. You can buy generics at My Canadian Pharmacy, which offers the lowest prices for such drugs. To order the required drug, you just have to visit the site and fill in the appropriate order form. If you have any questions regarding ED drugs, you can contact our customer support and get advice.